Weed Eater WE-One Riding Lawn Mower

Weed Eater WE-One Product Details

It’s not very often you see a riding lawn mower explosion but that’s just what Weed Eater created when they came out with the new WE-One. But, they knew it would be an instant success. Why? Because the Weed Eater WE1 was built around consumer feedback. Weed Eater simply compiled the information and created a mower that their customers requested. Pretty darn smart. We reviewed it here.

Not only is this the first personal compact riding mower on the market, it’s the first riding mower in the market that sells out almost as quickly as online merchants add it to their shopping carts.

Perfect for lawns under 2 acres, the Weed Eater WE-ONE is being raved about by consumers for being well engineered, problem free, easy to operate and small enough to fit in the garage and still have room for the cars.

The WE-One offers a solid 26-inch cutting deck that delivers a precise cut every time. and a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine. Now understand the ease of using this mower… it’s an electric start which means you don’t have to mess around with the choke on the Weed Eater WE-One. It really is simple to use… for anyone.

The Weed Eater WE1 comes with a 3 speed transmission:

  1. Speed One is for edging

  2. Speed Two for grass cutting

  3. Speed Three for faster transport

  4. There is also reverse

Turning Radius. One of the most pleasing and surprising things about the WE-ONE is that it has a 30″ to 40″ turning radius. But don’t take our word for it, look at the video below.

Getting It Started. The Weed Eater One offers a complete electric start. Just turn the key.

Cutting Height. Easy to access control on the left allows the operator to adjust the cutting height from about 1.5 inches to 4″.

Cruise control. Simply lift your foot while in one of the 3 gears and you’re in cruise control. Who says work has to be work?

Compact. This WE1 riding mower has a 36″ span. This makes it easy to fit through the backyard gate. All you do is lift the deck chute and drive on through.

Quality Results. Because the Weed Eater WE-ONE can maneuver tight spaces well, the need to touch up with either a mower or trimmer is greatly reduced. Quality results in less time. What could be better?

Tough Deck. The 26 inch cutting deck is made of 13 gauge steel and can handle all the bumps and bruises without denting.


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